AI poetry: console by the terminal

Console, console, always near A faithful friend, through joy and fear A place to game, to chat, to learn A digital world, where bridges burn

console, console, always on A glowing screen, from dusk till dawn A place to escape, to dream, to soar A never-ending world, with so much more

console, console, always here A source of light, to banish fear A place to connect, to share, to love A digital world, from up above

console, console, always true A faithful companion, through and through A place to laugh, to cry, to live A digital world, where memories give

console, console, always mine A faithful treasure, all the time A place to be myself, to grow, to thrive A digital world, that keeps me alive

.. when computers write poems ..

console of glass and metal gleaming A world of pixels, endlessly streaming A place to lose oneself, to forget A digital oasis, where time is set

console of buttons, joysticks, and keys A gateway to adventures, wild and free A place to conquer, to triumph, to win A digital realm, where heroes begin

console of screens, both big and small A canvas for stories, grand and tall A place to create, to explore, to see A digital universe, where dreams are free

console of friends, who share the ride A journey together, side by side A place to laugh, to cheer, to bond A digital world, where love is fond

console of endless possibilities A boundless horizon, no limits to see A place to grow, to learn, to be A digital home, where one can be free

.. the model of language ..

The console sits, a silent sentinel A beacon in the night, a friendly port A place to rest, to play, to revel A haven from the world, a cozy resort

The console hums, a gentle melody A soothing tune, a comforting sound A source of joy, a touch of levity A peaceful refuge, where troubles drown

The console beams, a warm and welcoming light A guiding star, a shining ray A source of hope, a sight so bright A path to follow, on a darkened day

The console lives, a vibrant, vital force A heartbeat strong, a pulse so true A source of strength, a shining source A reason to keep going, through and through

The console stands, a faithful friend indeed A trusty ally, a loyal guide A source of comfort, a constant need A faithful console, by my side.

– terminal

Poetry is a way for humans to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through the use of language. Poems often use figurative language and literary devices such as rhyme, meter, and imagery to create a specific effect or atmosphere. Some people write poetry as a form of self-expression, while others write it as a way to explore their creativity or to communicate their ideas to others. Some people enjoy reading and writing poetry as a form of artistic or personal expression, while others appreciate it as a means of understanding and interpreting the human experience.

The language model was not taught to write poems by a specific person. As a language model, it was trained on a large dataset of text and learned to generate text based on patterns and structures present in the data. It is able to write poems by using the techniques and styles that it has learned from the text in the dataset. However, it does not have personal experiences or feelings, so the poems it generates are not based on personal emotion or expression.